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Rome and its transformations: from the Imperial City in Rome Capital is the new tour offered by Not For Tourist Rome® in partnership with well-known bus operator City Sightseeing® Rome.
From an unusual perspective, aboard open-famous red buses, you will go to discover the secrets of Roma Caput Mundi, tracing the series of urban changes that l'hanno played a leading role over the centuries.
Accompanied by a specialist archaeologist guide, participants will be delighted by stories, episodes and atmospheric events that will allow them to understand the processes that have led the city to be as we know it today.
Two perspectives of observation: the one where the ancient has been incorporated into contemporary thanks to a clever reuse of architectural and archaeological ruins elements or, on the contrary, the one where the ancient has been permanently wiped out to make room for new urban projects who forever changed the face of the city.
A short journey through time and space which has two prerequisites: to better understand the meaning of the adjective "eternal" that is often associated to our city; try to bridge the future and imagine the city of tomorrow.