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Fontana degli Artisti
Via Margutta - Roma
Designed by the architect Pietro Lombardi was built in 1927 and represents a set of symbols of the artist. From the original triangular base stand up two easels on which shelves rest two masks, ...continue
Fontana dei Fiumi
Piazza Navona - Roma
To give a proper accommodation in Piazza Navona for the obelisk from the Circus of Maxentius and the design of Bernini, Pope Innocent X Pamphili authorized the work and inaugurated the stupendo ...continue

Fontana dei Leoni
Piazza del Campidoglio - Roma
At the base of the stairs leading to the Piazza del Campidoglio in 1562 were placed on pedestals, designed by della Porta, two Egyptian lions in black basalt of Numidia that previously adorned the ...continue
Fontana dei libri
Via Straderari - Roma
The 'Fountain of books' was executed in 1927 in travertine, designed by Pietro Lombardi for the district of St. Eustace, and that's why the local symbol of the head of a deer appears in the nic ...continue

Fontana dei Navigatori
Piazza del Porto di Ripetta - Roma
In 1704 Pope Clement XI Albani built on the bank of the Tiber near the small port of Ripetta, a fountain where the workers involved at the discharge of firewood and wine could drink. The desig ...continue
Fontana dei Quiriti
Piazza dei Quiriti - Roma
Was built in 1927 at the neighborhood of Prati, designed by the sculptor Attilio Selva, a fountain inspired by the shape of the seventeenth century, whose naked women aroused then sensation. At ...continue

Fontana del Babuino
Via del Babuino - Roma
Was Pope Pius IV Medici (1558-1565) who established the habit of fountains called "semi-public" when the pope gave water to an individual who promised to build, at his own expense, a public fou ...continue
Fontana del Cortile
Via Margutta 53/A - Roma
The inclined terracotta amphora, pours water into a square basin of white marble from Roman times. ...continue

Fontana del Facchino
Via Lata - Roma
One of the most famous "talking statues" (his interlocutor is the famous and pungent Pasquino) the Facchino is a water carrier with a characteristic costume. According to others, it is dedicat ...continue
Fontana del Moro
Piazza Navona - Roma
Executed in 1574 to a design by Giacomo Della Porta during the pontificate of Gregory XIII Boncompagni, was completely renovated in 1653, and Pope Innocent X Pamphili commissioned to Bernini ...continue

Fontana del Mosè
piazza San Bernardo - Roma
This fountain of Felice water (water named in honor of Pope Sixtus V, born Felice Peretti, who restored the Alexandrina water aqueduct), built in 1587, is the work of the brothers Giovanni and ...continue
Fontana del Nettuno
Piazza del Popolo - Roma
This fountain, placed in the northern part of the square was renovated by Bernini but for three hundred years remained without statues and ornaments. In 1873 a competition was won by sculptor < ...continue

Fontana del Pantheon
Piazza della Rotonda - Roma
In 1575, Giacomo Della Porta, commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII Boncompagni, built a sleek design, a fountain to be placed in the center of the square. Leonardo Sormani carried out the w ...continue
Fontana del Tritone
Piazza Barberini - Roma
Considered one of the most beautiful fountains of Rome was made ​​of travertine by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1643. Among the tails of dolphins which support the shell on which the Tri ...continue

Fontana della Botte
Via della Cisterna - Roma
In the neighborhood of Trastevere, on the corner between Via della Cisterna and Via San Francesco a Ripa was made, in 1927, the fountain of Botte, by the architect Pietro Lombardi to show the t ...continue
Fontana della Dea Roma (Piazza del Popolo)
Piazza del Popolo - Roma
It’s the fountain located in the hemicycle right, towards the Pincio, designed by Valadier in 1823 and the group of sculptures in marble which was made by Giovanni Ceccarini, represent ...continue

Fontana della Dea Roma(Campidoglio)
Piazza del Campidoglio - Roma
The fountain of the Capitol also known as the "Senate steps " and "Pallas kidnapped" was conceived by Michelangelo in the years around 1536, not as a fountain (the water came to t ...continue
Fontana della Meta Sudans
Via sacra - Roma
The Meta Sudans was a fountain of the Flavian period, which was located near the Coliseum.

It was an impressive fountain, shaped like a truncated cone, high seventeen or maybe even eightee ...continue

Fontana della Navicella
Via della Navicella, 10 - Roma
On the Celio hill, opposite the church of Santa Maria in Domnica also called in navicula, restored by Cardinal Medici (who was later pope under the name of Leo X) and on the ceiling of which ap ...continue
Fontana della Prigione
via Goffredo Mameli - Roma
Villa Montalto, possession of Sixtus V Peretti (1585-1590) on the site of the Esquiline hill, was the largest private property within the city walls, but in the late nineteenth century, precisely in 1 ...continue