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Monuments and Museums

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Archeological areas in Rome Museums and Galleries in Rome Churches and basilicas in Rome Roman itineraries historical monuments in Rome
archeological areas museums & galleries churches and basilicas roman itineraries historical monuments
streets and historical squares villas and gardens in Rone other religions catacombs rome's surroundings
streets and historical squares villas and gardens other religions catacombs rome's surroundings


New Marvellous Museums of Rome .
new marvellous museums in Rome The creation of new exhibition space, the important excavation work in preparation for the city's grat Archeological Park, the presentation to the public of works which for decades languished in storerooms,are all part of great transformation of Rome....and of which we are pleased to  offer this pratical and fully annotated guide

Rome Galleries
List of an  approximatly 40 galleries that boast a long tradition of exhibiting modern and contemporary art. These galleries, which offer an exhaustive panorama of the current Roman art scene, are all located in the Center or in Trastevere....click here to see the list of most important state and private art galleries

Almost in all Museums  and MonumentsYou can buy tickets until one hour befor of  closing ,and almost all of tham are closed on  Jan.1 ,May 1, and December 25. Visitors under 18 and over 60 can enter for free.During summer many of the Museums are open also in the evening. Here below   there is a list of some Tourist Information Points in Rome:

  • Castel Sant'Angelo - Piazza Pia,Tel.06/68809707
  • Fori Imperiali - Piazza del Tempio della Pace - Tel. 06/69924307
  • Largo Gordoni - Tel. 06/68136061
  • Piazza delle Cinque Lune - Tel.06/68809240
  • Piazza Sonnino - Tel. 06/58333457
  • San Giovanni - Piazza S.Giovanni in Laterano - Tel.06/77203535
  • Santa Maria Magggiore - Via dell'Olmata - Tel. 06/47880294
  • Stazione Termini - Piazza dei Cinquecento - Tel. 06/47825194 -Atrio Biglietteria - Tel. 06/48906300
    ( h:8.00-21.00)
  • Via Nazionale - Near Palazzo Esposizioni - Tel. 06/47824525

useful link:Vatican Museums - collection of 1.400 pictures

itinere_card. Itinere proposes "JOURNEYS AND ITINERARIES" which
are designed to exalt the urban, historical and cultural life of the great cities of art

Rome's Imperial Forums

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For information and reservation :

Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROMA
Tel. +39/06/ - Fax +39/06/
Email : gentiepaesi@uni.net