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Lucio Cornelio Balbi was a famous soldier that worked first for Julius Ceasar and after for Ottavius Augustus and he bought power and wealth. When Balbi had gain the plunder with the war in Africa he thought to built a theatre inaugurated in 14 b.C.

The theatre stretched from the left of the river Tiber in the area situated between the Palatine and the Capitol hills. This theatre was the third built in Rome after Pompeii and Marcellus theatre, it was richly decorated and behind the stage there was an arcade area. The Regional Catalogues identified in the arcade area the Balbi Crypta, but with an accurated exam the crypta was stretched from or an ambulatory situated between the arcade and the perimetrical external wall used as shelter during the winter season, or for the cryta was the street cover the preesistence street and put under the scenic building.

Inside the Crypta Balbi there is a section of Museo Nazionale Romano and it is divided into two area, the first one is about the urbanistic story in particular the events connected with the area occupated from the crypta Balbi from the ancient time to the contemporaneous year while the other area is about the medieval archeology and the documentary come from the escavation made inside the crypta Balbi between V century and X century A.D.

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