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Transportation in Rome and Italy

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Mopeds (Motorini) and scooters, called Vespas ( on the picture) or wasps in Italy because of the buzzing noise they make, are an efficient way of getting through the traffic. You may want to stick to quiet streets to begin with, though, Although motorcyclists have to wear helmets by law, moped riders over 18 don't. However, you can hire helmets from most hire shops in Rome. Bikes and mopeds can be hired from Collati, Roma Rent, Sccot - a - Long, St. Peter Moto and Scooters for Rent, Biciroma rents from several spots in the old centre and a telephone hire service  operates in the summer and autumn. You may have to leave a credit card as deposit when you pick up the bike.  A vespa scooter and helmet





Via Marghera, 47/d



V. F. Turati, 50

TEL. 4469222


Piazza del popolo, piazza di Spagna, Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, Piazza SS.Apostoli
Collati Via del Pellegrino 82 06.68801084 (bikes)
St. Peter Moto Via Fosse di Castello 7 06.687.4909
Scoot - a - Long Via Cavour 302 06.678.02.06 (mopeds)
Scooters for Rent Via della Purificazione 84 06.4885485 (bikes and mopeds)
Rent Scooter Center Via In Lucinia, 13/14; Via Paola 12/13