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Il 24/09/2020

NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS (the first Preview)

NEW SEASONS 2019-200
While Roland Petit – fascinated by the events of the Middle Ages, an era characterized by a mystical vision of the world, and driven by the desire to modernize it – he plans to realize a ballet starting from Lewis's The Monk, he finds himself reading Victor Hugo's masterpiece, Notre-Dame de Paris and rewriting, following the plot of Hugo, the libretto for the eponymous ballet that in 1965 debuts on the stage of the Palais Garnier, Opéra in Paris. Roland Petit's Notre-Dame de Paris is a two-act action ballet set in Paris in 1482 and as always is a total creation, a unique and original show made of dance, musical scores, scenes and costumes that strongly dialogue with each other adding something more to the original theme. It is an exceptional collaboration that brings together artists of great personalities such as the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, the set designer René Allio and the composer Maurice Jarre.

The corps de ballet as here the French people, a real co-protagonist, a bond and a supporting element for the main characters. Esmeralda, Quasimodo, the archdeacon Frollo and Captain Phoebus emerge, from this narrative and choreographic corpus with a strong visual and emotional impact, with power. Their intrigued vicissitudes give rise to a real drama of passions from which the absolute protagonist, Quasimodo. stands out. Petit gives create to this character within himself and plays him at the first performance. With Petit, Quasimodo loses his hump and is not a monster, but a complex boy due to the consequences of a bad accident. In him, as in Esmeralda considered as a witch because she is raised by gypsies, Petit sees people rejected by society because they are different: this is the starting point of his ballet and his brilliant work of modernization. Quasimodo is destined for regeneration and it is he in the last scene who will take the dead Esmeralda to another where even the rejected find eternal rest. The Rome Opera Orchestra is conducted by master Louis Lohraseb.

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