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Micca Club
Via Pietro Micca, 7a Roma
Ph. +39 06 87 44 00 79

Born in 2006, the Micca Club quickly established itself as a leader on the national entertainment scene and not only, offering itself to the public as a trendy design club with its retro and vintage atmosphere as well as its cultural programme that ranges from Burlesque and Variety Shows to Jazz concerts and dj vinyl sets accompanied as always by a top quality cocktail bar and aperitif service.

What makes the Micca Club stand out above all the rest is its international character, which puts it in the same league as clubs in New York, London and Paris.

This is thanks to the excellent service it offers its clientele, the quality of its bar and its artistic management entrusted to Alessandro Casella, who is particularly attentive to welcoming new stimuli coming from abroad as well as being capable of reinterpreting them to make them his own whilst still respecting the times of an Italy that is always a little bit behind in times.

Therefore, whilst the nation was going crazy in 2010 for Burlesque, the Micca Club had already celebrated its first burlesque show in 2006 (with Amber Topaz), the first Rome Burlesque Festival in 2007 (now in its sixth edition) and will be re-proposing the third year of the Burlesque Art Academy (after the successful experience under the guidance of maestra Mademoiselle Agathe).

It has already reached the “newest” expression of this type, by proposing theatrical shows inspired by Burlesque (La Dolce Diva Burlesque Show) or shows such as the Velvet Cabaret, a show full of colourful characters that include tip tap dancers, singers, magicians, just as there used to be in the Burlesque shows of the early twentieth century...

The idea of the Micca Club, created by artistic director Alessandro Casella and by owner Massimo Innocenti Jr, was to recreate the experience of the Giaguaro Magazine (created by Alessandro) in a night club, aimed at the historical and intellectual retrieval of the retro imagery from the twenties to the sixties.

From here the purely acoustic concept of the choice of live concerts, that include Jazz, Soul, Rhythm'n'Blues, Beat, Rock'n'Roll and musical selections of the dj sets, strictly in 45 vinyls.

The idea is therefore that of inviting the public to enjoy the cultural contents in an experiential and entertainment dimension.

A dimension that doesn’t limit itself to the walls of the night club itself but which goes beyond to gain experience, involving those who use it and enjoy it through further channels (the fm radio programme from 2006 to 2010 with Mademoiselle Agathe and resident dj’s, the creation of a social network, a booking agency for burlesque shows, the Micca Club Record label, theatrical productions and the creation of competitions such as the Micca Music Award).

A breeding ground for new stimuli that come from the Bar proposals as much as from the artistic programme.

The Micca Club has its own team of bartenders that are amongst the best in the field who study a personalized menu every year for a demanding clientele.

They create new and original cocktails with the most sought-after ingredients and choose a wine list and selection of spirits that are amongst the best on the market.

Furthermore the Bar proposes initiatives and events aimed at spreading the knowledge of the world of drinks and beverages such as wine, cocktail and champagne tasting.