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Villa Borghese
Piazzale Flaminio - Roma
Flaminio-Piazza del Popolo
The villa is the best known in Rome, both for the considerable extension both for different accesses to the city center. To want the building and between the Flaminio Parioli area in which stood the h ...continue
Villa Doria Pamphilj
Viale Del Casino Corsini - Roma
Monte Verde / Gianicolense
Villa Doria Pamphili, with its 184 hectares , is one of the most important and extensive historical villas of Rome. Magnified over time thanks to the continuous acquisition of land adjacent to each ot ...continue

Villa Torlonia
Via Nomentana 70 - 00161 - Roma
Quartiere Nomentano
Villa Torlonia is a villa in Rome, today the public, which overlooks Nomentana, in the district Nomentano. The villa, from the seventeenth century until the mid-eighteenth, is owned by the Pamphili fa ...continue
Casina Delle Civette
Via Nomentana, 70 - Roma
Quartiere Nomentano
The House of the Owls is definitely an incomparable example of art nouveau. Between 1910 and 1925, years in full liberty in fact, a small group of artists, including Cambellotti, Paul Paschetto, Umber ...continue

Il Pincio
Villa Borghese - Roma
Quartiere Flaminio
The Pincio Hill (Pinciano, from the Latin mons Pincius) is a hill in Rome. The hill lies to the north of the Quirinal, overlooking the Campus Martius and. Several villas and gardens occupy the hill, i ...continue
Il Roseto Comunale di Roma
Via di valle murcia,6 - Roma
Rione Ripa
Although it is not very large ( about 10,000 square meters ) , many experts define it as one of the most beautiful rose gardens in the world , thanks largely to the majestic frame that Rome gives this ...continue

Via Aurelia 455 - Santa Marinella
And 'one of the many non-protected areas of the Lazio coast. Two hundred and fifty acres of shoreline between Ladispoli and Santa Marinella, back to the original natural landscape through environmenta ...continue
Merenda in musica
il 30-11--0001
Parco dell'Appia Antica
Quartiere Appio-Claudio
The story told in the Park company of the Chariot of the Comedians shade of a tree dear to Antonio Cederna. 10-hour Point Info Appia Antica ...continue

Parco Degli Scipioni
Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 9 - Roma
Rione Celio
   The park covers an area of Scipio between the Latin and ancient streets Appia (now Via di Porta San Sebastiano), within the circle of the Aurelian Walls.  It is the result of an archaeological ...continue
Parco Dei Daini
Via Pietro Raimondi - Roma
quartiere pinciano
Park located inside Villa Borghese. Also known as "Park of perspectives," according to the plant fence century, was reserved for the Prince. To delimit the boulevards were placed colossal Terms, works ...continue

Parco Del Pineto
Via della Pineta Sacchetti - Roma
Quartiere Primavalle

The park consists of a valley known as the Valley of Hell, once extended to the Vatican Walls and characterized by limestone kilns and the Fabric of St. Peter. The area was once covered with viney ...continue
Parco Savello o Giardino Degli Aranci
Piazza Pietro d'Illiria - Roma
Rione Ripa
In the fourteenth century, the family of the Savelli built his castle on the Aventine , making the hill a fortress impregnable. The medieval walls encircle now Savelli Park (also known as the Orange ...continue

Quando soffia il Libeccio
il 30-11--0001
Parco dell'Appia Antica
Quartiere Appio-Claudio
The story of the robber Domenico Tiburzi woven myths and Legends of the Maremma and David Bardi. A show that, like a breath of wind, through the life of the robber and the Tiburzi story of ...continue
Shakespeare al Parco dell'Appia Antica
il 30-11--0001
Parco dell'Appia Antica
Tor Fiscale / Quartiere Appio-Claudio
Angerona: the secret name of Rome - a history of blood and Roman onoreLa history of the matron Lucretia, the expulsion of the Tarquins and 'advent of the Republic Roman told by two large s ...continue

Villa Ada
via di ponte salario 00199 - Roma
Villa Ada is the second largest public park in Rome after Villa Doria Pamphili. It is located in the northern part of the city, on the Via Salaria. The history of the villa began in the seventeenth ...continue
Villa Aldobrandini
Via Mazzarino, 00184 - Roma
The Villa Aldobrandini is located on the end of the Quirinal hill called by the ancient Romans and Latiaris Collis was on the route of the said High-Semite, which gave its name to the Augustan Regio V ...continue

Villa Balestra
Via jacopo da ponte - Roma
The actual garden of the Villa Balestra overlooking the Monte Mario Park is what remains of the splendid sixteenth-century villa perched on the top of the Monti Parioli above the initial stretch of th ...continue
Villa Carpegna
Piazza di Villa Carpegna - Roma
Quartiere Aurelio
Situated in the Aurelio district, the villa of Cardinal Gaspare Carpegna, built in the late seventeenth century and renovated two centuries later, it is one of the few Roman villas that preserves inta ...continue

Villa Celimontana
Via della Navicella, 12, Roma - Roma
San Giovanni
The villa Celimontana (formerly Villa Mattei) is a public park in Rome whose creation dates back to the sixteenth century. It was subject to transformation in the sense landscaped in 1858 by the Frenc ...continue
Villa Giulia
piazzale di Villa Giulia 9 - Roma
Quartiere Flaminio
The Villa Giulia is located in an area of ​​Rome that it was known as Old Vineyard, just outside the Aurelian Walls, located in the valley where the hills of the Monti Parioli down to the ...continue