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Le Carrozze d'Epoca
Via Andrea Millevoi, 693
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Museum:Le Carrozze d'Epoca
address: Via Andrea Millevoi, 693

-Morning from 9.00 to 13.00.
-Afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00

-Complete EUR 7,00.
-Reduced EUR 5,00 (for children from 6 to 12 years old, and for adults aged 65).
- Free tickets for childrens under 6 years old.
The ticket price includes the guide who will accompany visitors throughout the tour.

Le Carrozze d'Epoca Le Carrozze d'Epoca
Le Carrozze d'Epoca Le Carrozze d'Epoca

The museum "The Vintage Carriage", based in Rome, boasts an exceptional collection of over 300 carriages and harness, exposed in the permanent exhibition which has its headquarters in Via Millevoi, 693, in a center that overlooks the Via Ardeatina, an area of high artistic value archaeological and religious.

The important show, sandwiched between the Regional Museums and sponsored by Public Bodies, including the collection of more than 300 copies (of which approximately 160 exhibits in the museum and other stored in an adjacent room) and intends to bring to the public a series of vintage carriages and wagons typical result of 40 years of in-depth and exhaustive search.
In support of the coaches, the collection is completed by an infinite number of saddles, harness, trappings.

All specimens are carefully preserved, are among other things on display: themed paintings, models of cars, precious porcelain objects, armor, helmets, saddle-cloths, antique weapons, old equipment, many antique toys, farm equipment, accessories and peculiarities.
The coaches from various eras, from different countries and intended for any type of use are located in an area of 3,000 metres.
You can admire the majestic sedans representation used by governors, magistrates, princes, popes, Knights of Malta, the luxury Landau, the protagonists of the film Chariots "Ben Hur" and "Gladiator", the old stagecoaches, the trappings of the diligence of the film "Stagecoach", the wagon for Napoleonic cannon used in the movie "The Baron of Manchausen", "The Irish bandwagon" "The Quiet Man", the "electric Horseman" (similar to that of the famous film starring Robert Redford), the chariot Egyptian Aida, the landau used by the then Bishop Karol Wojtyla to go skiing in Zagopane in Poland, the wheelchair by Anna Magnani, the Berlinetta children donated to a princess, the omnibus carrying 15 passengers from 5 races with money, the coupe, all kinds of cars, cabriolets, the caravan of the west, the stagecoach, the chariot from work, ancient Sicilian carts, wagons and agricultural fire, the carriages eastern and many others.
A heritage of international importance, which is open to the enjoyment of visitors and tourists, with the aim of making possible the rediscovery of the carriages, now almost obsolete.
The purpose of the Association, a non-profit, "Vintage Carriage" is to promote the popularization historical, artistic, technical, cultural and educational world of the so-called "the long rein", the racing industry, to make possible the rediscovery carriages-forerunners to the advent of cars and treat a more general study on the important history of transport.
Each of the carriages, the work of leading coachbuilders of the time spent, it can represent a time and in some cases a fashion.