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Presepe dei Netturbini
Via dei Cavalleggeri, 5 Roma
Ph.:06 636203
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Museum:Presepe dei Netturbini
address: Via dei Cavalleggeri, 5 Roma
Ph.:06 636203

Permanent exhibition.
Via dei Cavalry, 5, Roma.

From December 15th to January 31st : daily from 8:00 to 20:00.
From February 1st to December 14th : Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00.

Free admission.

Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini
Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini Presepe dei Netturbini

Designed and built by the garbage collector Giuseppe Ianni, in collaboration with colleagues in the Cavalry, which have been called "a gem located in the Aurelio neighborhood, just a few meters from the Vatican".

"When asked what he was doing Ianni Joseph replied," I'll make the most beautiful crib and I will be in Rome to see the Pope".

At first, all his colleagues looked skeptical, but when they realized what he wanted to accomplish, sacrificing his free time, even late into the night, everyone turned to work, being able to play in only three months miniature Nativity Bethlehem.

In this way born Christmas Netturbini converted in recent years in a small famous masterpiece in the world, a permanent exhibition has become a place of prayer for pilgrims, visited by Romans and tourists, who also had the honor to host Blessed John Paul II and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Over the years, more than two million tourists, along with Roman institutional personalities, religious, heads of state and Papas have paid tribute to the work, gathering in prayer before the typical construction of Palestine 2000 years ago.

With 2,234 worldwide stones embedded in the exterior walls and the base of the cradle, the message of peace and brotherhood of the Nativity and the union of peoples is presenced.

Enriched each year with new details, the Nativity of Netturbini reproduced in every detail the style of the typical construction of Palestine 2000 years ago.

The view love every year children and adults: 100 houses, all illuminated, hand built with ingenious work in tufa stone and flint slabs (cobbles) are meticulous in detail, with doors, windows and balconies.

A smoking chimney, 54 meters road slabs flint, three rivers of 9.50 meters overall length with seven bridges and aqueducts, of 4.18 meters long and well supported by 38 arches.

The smallest aqueduct is made of roman tufa, the other three received in 1979 fragments of marble columns of the facade of the Basilica of San Pedro, by His Eminence Cardinal Noé Virginio during the restoration of Bernini's colonnade.

Completing the Sacred Representation: 4 springs, 2 wet walls forming stalactites, 1 well with spring water, 730 steps, of which over 400 are made of marble colonnade of St.

Peter and the remaining stones from Burma, Bethlehem and historical shrines of Greccio and San Giovanni Rotondo.

In addition, 24 rock caves used as stables or shelter for shepherds and their flocks, and other stores containing wine and oil.

The dove donated by the artist Anna Minardo during the year of preparation for the Jubilee dedicated to the Holy Spirit, is placed above the cave in the center of the radii of olive wood in Bethlehem (donated by Father Ibrahim Faltas, ex custodian of the Basilica of the Nativity Bethlehem).

The descent of the angels of heaven, and the alternation of day and night makes it even more impressive landscape populated by 270 people, 163 sheep, 12 camels, 8 donkeys, 8 oxen and 4 dogs.

In the room that houses the beautiful Nativity Netturbini there are four large paintings:
The multiplication of the loaves and fishes, by Maddy Battaglini and Carlo Riccardi. Pope John Paul II with children from five continents, by Simona Bellante, Salvatore Tedone and Carlo Riccardi. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Martha Cyril and Carlo Riccardi.