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Arte Virtuale Van Gogh + Monet Experience - SALTA FILA!
Ex-caserme Guido Reni- Videocitta Sala 9
dal 09-10-2019 al 06-01-2020

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Virtual Art Van Gogh + Monet Experience on show in Rome at the Ex-barracks Guido Reni from 9 October 2019 to 6 January 2020.

An incredible journey through time to discover Van Gogh and Monet. See, feel, live the places that inspired the two most beloved giants of painting ever ...
Thanks to VR technology the visitor will be immersed at 360 degrees in landscapes, colors, atmospheres, at the time of Arles and Giverny, as if he were living inside the picture.
The experience, for the first time in Rome, is all-encompassing: the visitor is taken by the hand and guided in a cultural journey between real and virtual in search of new and delicate emotions, opening the mind to sensations never experienced before: colors, impressions , feelings ...
The exhibition, produced and distributed internationally by Next Exhibition, consists of four moments.

The visitor sees the reproductions of the main paintings by Claude Monet as the first scenario, one who has contributed to changing the history of art through a new approach to the outside, capturing and making eternal that unrepeatable moment of life that passes fast, that moment to be seized that is fixed in its entirety and in its beauty. The visitor can immortalize himself or be immortalized in a strongly evocative scenario, before entering the "mind" of the Master...

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   Info. Evento:

With the support of the oculus rift, the latest generation tool for the virtual world, the public will experience the virtual path and the story of the scenarios that inspired Monet's art. From here begins the second moment of this exhibition ...
From the vibrant red color of “I papaveri” to the yellow of “I covoni”, from the snowy landscape of “la Gazza” to the flash of the water of the Thames of “Parlamento, alla tramonto”. The glimpses of "Bordighera" and the light touch of "Le Ninfee" up to the station, a recurring theme in the Artist's paintings.
Coming out of the virtual experience, and passing from the flower bridge that evokes the Garden to Giverny, you arrive at the third moment of this journey ... ... Vincent Van Gogh!

The third scenario includes reproductions of the main paintings by Van Gogh, approaching his personality and the different phases of his existence.
From the depictions of the beginnings of peasant painting and the poorer classes to the Parisian period, when he meets the works of the Impressionists and Monet, remaining disappointed. "In Antwerp I didn't even know what the impressionists were. When you see them for the first time, you are disappointed: their works are ugly, untidy, badly painted and poorly drawn, they are poor in color. This is my first impression when I came to Paris ”. The Arles period with the love / hate relationship with Gauguin, up to the isolation in Saint-Remy-de-Provance. And finally the arrival in Auvers-Sur-Oise where madness has the upper hand and the artist dies suicide.
An exhibition area where one begins to guess the torment of the genius Van Gogh, also thanks to his aphorisms, often taken from the letters he writes to his brother Theo.
Leaving the room, the second virtual phase is encountered, the fourth moment of the exhibition. Also worn here the oculus rift, the visitor sees and feels like Van Gogh, living in a multisensory way a day of the artist: from dawn to dusk in the painter's body, in the village of Arles, France.
The immersive walk is complete, at 360 degrees, and revolves around a succession of seven works by Van Gogh.
From waking up in the bedroom ("Van Gogh's bedroom"), walking up the stairs, discovering the house from the outside ("The White House"), progressing in the fields with the peasant women meeting ("La Siesta"), the arrival in the "Cornfield with crows" and then "A cornfield with cypresses" where a speed effect indicates that the end of the day is coming and the transition to "The Starry Night "begins, before the day finally ends with the night painting on the waterfront (" Notte stellata sul Rodano ") and the return to the bedroom (" Van Gogh's bedroom "). On each new scene, visitors perceive the environment with the artist's eyes and when they are at a close distance their hands even begin to paint the landscape that becomes work, with mention of the title and year of creation. One perceives the essence of Van Gogh and his personal interpretation of what he has seen or heard. The story of his existential torment is in first person ...

The path ends with the didactic and interactive area where, thanks to explanatory tutorials, adults and children can try out the styles of Van Gogh and Monet, starting from the use of black and white shades and then passing to color.
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