Circus Maximus virtual game race tour"che permette al visitatore di immergersi nella storia antica di Roma sin dai tempi di Romolo, fino alla nascita del Circo e la sua evoluzione al massimo del suo..."/>
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Circus Maximus Virtual Game Race Tour
Circo Massimo
dal 01-11-2020 al 31-12-2021

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Choose to partecipate in a 3D virtual experience to get to know Rome from its origins to the present day.
Live the first interactive virtual reality experience of one of the most important amphitheaters in history, the Circus Maximus,and compete in the horse race too.
Wear a latest generation Samsung Oculus VR headset and immerse yourself in Ancient Rome.
During the experience you will be faced with steps to take, to follow and to explore.From the fondation of Rome in 753 BC at its pek.
Meet Romulus, the first King of Rome, intent on tracing the sacred and inviolable furrow of his city, the mountains that surrounded it and the valley around it.
Look around, the Murcia Valleyin all its splendor where the first wooden amphitheater in history will rise, the Circus Maximus.





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