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Banksy, a visual protest
Chiostro del Bramante
dal 08-09-2020 al 11-04-2021

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Banksy, a visual protest on display in Rome at the Chiostro del Bramante from April 16th to July 26th, 2020: about 80 works, in a rigorous exhibition path, tell the world of Banksy, the most famous unknown artist in the world. Within the sixteenth-century architecture of the Chiostro of Bramante, in Rome, there is the unknown artist who conquered the world thanks to works imbued with irony, denunciation, politics, intelligence, protest.

From Love is in the Air a Girl with Balloon; from Queen Vic to Napalm, from Toxic Mary to HMV, from the proofs for the book Wall & Piece to the discographic projects for vinyl and CD covers.
Warning to the reader: not being in possession of certain information regarding the identity of the author and his thought, it was concerned, in the following text, to propose assumptions. Much reported comes from publications edited by Banksy and from some interviews conducted in the past, more or less authorized.
Imagine a city where graffiti was not illegal, a city where everyone could draw wherever they want. Where every street was flooded with myriads of colors and brief expressions. Where you stand waiting at the bus stop was never been boring. A city that gave the impression of a party open to everyone, not only to real estate agents and business magnates. Imagine a city like this strip away from the wall - the paint is fresh...

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I was disgusted with the can, so i started cutting out stencils, from Banksy's words theindication used on the techinque he used most on the display, thanks to the stencil: print on a paper or canvas, from stencil on metal or on concrete to some resin sculptures panted polymer or painted bronze. You should have a big liver meaning, (be really courageous) and even a lot, to stand up to the perfect strangers in western democracy and invoke things that nobody delieves in like peace, justice and freedom.
The exhibition itinerary includes, also including more than 20 projects for album and book covers, a time span from 2001 to 2017. 
All the works come from private collections.
With this new exhibition project DART - Chiostro del Bramante continues its commitment describes the public about art through the protagonists; after the success of Bacon and Freud and the London School, created thanks to the cooperation of Tate, now it's Banksy's turn.
The "walls" designed by Donato Bramante around 1500 recieved the ideas, signs and messages launched by the world's most famous unknown artist, on many walls, in many cities. Only apparently a contradiction because Chiostro has shown, in recent years, a great opening towards the most diverse languages of current life.

Who is Banksy?
Presumably born in Bristol in the early seventies, Banksy is considered one of the greatest exponents of street art and was included in 2019 by ArtReview in fourteenth place in the ranking of the hundred most influential personalities in the art world. But nobody, apart from his closest friends and cooperators, that knows his identity.
I don't know why people are so excited about making the details of privacy in public: invisibility is a superpower.
What we do know is that he matured in the underground scene of the capital of South West England, where he collaborated with several artists and musicians and that his artistic production began in the late nineties. From this moment on, he began to invade numerous cities, from Bristol to London, New York, Jerusalem to Venice with graffiti (street art) and various performances and raids anonymity.
The choice to remain anonymous comes from a set of needs: need to escape the police, given the creation of raids and illegal graffiti; protect yourself considering the satirical background of his works that deal with sensitive topics such as politics and ethics; the desire not to pollute the perception of his identity and his works, as the artist himself affirms.
I have no interest in revealing my identity. There are already enough assholes full of themselves trying to slap their ugly muzzle (face) in front of you.
The public
Art is different from other forms of culture, since it is not the public that decrees its success. Spectators fill the concert halls and cinemas every day, read novels by the millions and buy records by the billions. It is us, the people, who influence the production and quality of most of the culture, but not those of art.
Banksy is a direct communication, in the refusal of the system and rules, the artist addresses his audience without filters, his works are visual texts capable of informing and making people reflect.
The art we admire is the product of a caste. A handful of few who create, promote, buy, exhibit and decree the success of Art. Those who have a say will be no more than a few hundred. When you visit an art gallery, you are only tourists who observe the trophy window of a few millionaires.
The themes
They exist without anyone's consent. They are hated, hunted and persecuted. They live in silent desperation amid the filth. And yet they are capable of bringing entire civilizations to their knees. If you are dirty, insignificant and loveless, then rats will be your model.
War, wealth and poverty, animals, globalization, consumerism, politics, power, ecology, the themes that Banksy faces are the themes of the world.
A small mouse with apron and broom introduces the 5 sections of the web site - What Is Pest Contro?, Authentication for Prints, Authentication for Art, Change of Ownership Requests, Join Mailing List.
Pest Control, since 2009, is the official body capable of authenticating Banksy's works. Pest Control certifies only the pieces produced for sale, therefore not the street art works, not having been conceived for the market (with some exceptions). Half of a 10 pound note stating the effigy (model) of Lady Diana is stapled on the authentication document. The banknote has a handwritten identification number that corresponds to the number on the other half, which remains under Pest Control; a fake that serves to prove that you have the original. Pest Control has achieved radical results in the "cleaning" of the market but, at the same time, has infuriated those who have undoubtedly authentic Banksy works but which, for various reasons, the artist refuses to authenticate. Pest Control is owned by Pictures on Walls (POW), Banksy's first company founded in 2003. Street art shares are authenticated through the website and instagram@banksy.
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