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Frida Kahlo. Il Caos dentro - SALTA FILA
SET Spazio Eventi Tirso
dal 12-10-2019 al 08-03-2020

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Frida Kahlo: The chaos inside, the exhibition-event in Rome from 12 October 2019 to 29 March 2020.

As a result of the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 8, 2020, “Frida Kahlo il Caos Dentro” will permanently closed to the public.

The exhibition-event "Frida Kahlo, the chaos inside" arrives in the Capital, a mix of multimedia exposure, original and photographic works, dedicated to the great Mexican artist and her husband, Diego Rivera.

In the wide location of "Set Events Space" the unique opportunity to enter the world of Frida and learn the story of one of the greatest painters of all time; a woman who was not afraid to express her fantasies, her obsessions and all the power of a coveted and sought-after freedom as the only possible good. The exhibition will accompany the visitor between the painting and the "life shots" of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, created by the famous South American photographer Leo Matiz.

There will be the whole fall season and beyond, to be able to visit the exhibition, where you can admire the faithful reproductions of Frida's self-portraits but also some original works by Diego and the couple's experience, read through the display of everyday objects , letters and documents that tell of their long and troubled love story...

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All divided into sections, each dedicated to the extraordinary universe of Frida: we start with the story of Casa Azul, the home on the outskirts of Mexico City where the couple lived, virtually rebuilt with its green garden, the interior rooms , from the studio to the painter's bedroom, with many works reproduced.

Finally, the photo gallery, which presents the artistic and sentimental universe of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, absolute protagonists of that extraordinary season; black and white and color photographs, portraits and close-ups of Frida, together with moments of serenity of the couple that Leo Matiz's lens has captured and captured.

Inside the exhibition there will also be an interesting exhibition of international stamps printed by many countries to celebrate the art of Kahlo Less Infos>> . The exhibition avails itself of the patronage of the Embassies of Mexico and Colombia and the Mexican Institution as well as the Leo Matiz Foundation chaired by its daughter Alexandra. It will be the latter to tell the visitor about the subtle and affectionate relationship that linked Frida to Leo.

This "sensory exhibition", curated by experts in the field, presents a vision of the life and loves of Frida Kahlo through her vibrant letters, her candid photographs and the works seen through technology in an immersive and engaging perspective. It tells the story of a unique artist, going through the places of his life: his home in Mexico City, his bedroom, his studio, the garden of Casa Azul. Along the way, the viewer gains a deeper understanding of Frida's relationships with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera and through the photographs of the photographer Leo Matiz, an intimate and personal story of the icon of contemporary art is read.

Within the exhibition entitled "The chaos inside" it is possible to follow thematic itineraries to fully immerse yourself in the world of Frida and access focus dedicated to the individual works. It is a new way to deepen the knowledge of the Mexican artist thanks to original contents ranging from the relationship of Frida with the body, to its relations with politics, to the value of a painting that goes far beyond the pop legend. In addition to the works of art proposed in Modlight format, the Collection also presents hundreds of personal photographs, author portraits, letters, diary pages, clothes and jewels inspired by the artist, for a 360-degree journey into the universe of Frida . On this journey it will also be possible to appreciate the most representative corners of the interior of its historic home in Mexico City. At Casa Azul, Frida lived since childhood, first with her family and later with her husband Diego Rivera. Today it is the home of the museum dedicated to her.

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