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Cotton Club,Via Bellinzona 2.Roma
il 28/02/2000

At the center great artists, characters and eras of the history of music, an appointment in the middle of concert and storytelling to relive history and listen to music. In today?s Brunch a musical journey to turn the spotlight back on the wonderful Broadway of a few years ago... that of the divas ! The voice that will lead us into these atmospheres is that of Gig (aka Pamela Lacerenza): a unique voice, full of talent and charisma, united to vibrate and excite the audience that listens.

Gig represents a complete artist, "like those of the past": a singer who dances and entertains the audience, effervescent and ironic but at the same time magnetic, with a great desire to bring to light and a younger audience , a retro repertoire still to be discovered today.

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