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il 05/03/2021
Tamara Luz Ronchese, better known as Rizha, (born July 26, 1999) is an Argentine singer and actress based in Spain.At the age of 13, he moved to Spain and began high school. Later, she was accidentally discovered by scout Jordi Tello of Universal Music Publishing who, listening to her on a home recording on a mobile, proposed to develop her professional career. In late 2013 she first appeared in a magazine, some of them being Vanity Fai and 40 Principal. In 2014 he released his first EP with Fernando Gómez (Masseratti 2lts) called «Grandma Jewels». In 2017 she released her debut album, called «Finally», in which she also became a producer of her own music. The album was well received by the general public, industry and radios such as Radio 3 and Los 40 Principales.In 2018 he published an EP entitled «Lifted» with Chesko. In 2019 she premiered as an actress on television with the second season of Skam España, produced by Zeppelin TV and broadcast on Movistar+. He also publishes two more EPs: «Hipnos» and «Dysnomia». In 2020 he released his new Spanish EP entitled XX
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