Agata e Romeo
St: 45, Carlo Alberto
Ph: +39/06/4466115
Closed on sunday

The ambience is quiet, elegant but not stuffy, perfect service and cooking which is clearly of Roman stamp but intelligently evolved. The inspiration for every dishes is evident, but in each one there is an igredient or magic touch that makes the difference. Absolutely excellent wines.
Specialities: roman traditional dishes.

Al Ceppo
St: 2/4, Panama
Ph +39/06/8419696
Closed on monday

This refined restaurant located in the Parioli neighborhood, is quite welcoming and has a very pleasant veranda set with flowers. Serves traditional specialties of the Lazio region with flavorful and highly creative combinations.
Specialities: regional traditional dishes.

Ar Montarozzo
Via Appia Antica, 4
Via Cilicia, 56
Tel. 06.77208434
Tel. e Fax 06.70474390

In a 17 th Century Farm house, there are three large halls equipped with heating and air conditioning, and a large garden, for lunches, dinners and parties out in the open for up to 500 people under a gazebo in the park immersed in the nature of the Appia Antica

Piazza Farnese 50 - 50/a
Ph: +39/06/6874927
Always closed at lunch and on sunday

Facing Piazza Farnese is the Ristorante Camponeschi, a suggestive and refined corner dining room of the Capital City. Offering excellent traditional Roman dishes, outstanding seafood and in general, national and international dishes.
Specialities: piatti tipici regional, national e international traditional dishes

Checchino dal 1887
St: 30, Monte Testaccio
Ph: +39/06/5746318
Closed on monday, all of august and a week at Christmas

If you have no fear of the new millennium or changes of calendar, this is the historical Testaccio locale of the Mariani family which for generations has created, improved and passed down the poor folk's art of the "fifth - quarter" wich is the Roman name for entrails. The traditionals dishes are presented without deviations, respecting origins and genuine flavors, without falling back on the good old days.
Specialities: regional traditional dishes.

Checco er Carettiere
Via Benedetta 10/13
Ph. +39/065800985

Da Ciceruacchio
via del Porto 1 (Trastevere)
Ph +39/06/5806046

Dal Pallaro
L.go del Pallaro,15
Ph. +39/06/68801488
Closed on Monday

St: 29, Mastro Giorgio
Ph: +39/06/5746800
Closed on sunday and in august

Without a sign and without lights. Only a door made of anodized aluminium that you will go through only if you are not afraid of the distrustful and grouchy owner. In fact, he chooses his guests. On all the tables you'll find a card saying "reserved". If he likes you, he takes the card away and welcomes you.
Specialities: roman traditional dishes.

St: 7, Marche
Ph: +39/06/42084575
Closed on sunday

This restaurant has been located in the heart of Via Veneto for more than 50 years. In addition to the Old England style dinig room, this exclusive restaurant boasts a nice garden and piano - bar. Dishes meet event the most demanding gourmet's criteria and are based on international cuisine. The wine list includes a high standard and wide variety of wines.
Specialities: international traditional dishes.

Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9
Ph: +39/06/3226273

Inside it could be New York, outside with the Ara Pacis it is definitely the Rome of Augustus One thousand squares meters on the two floors on which a restaurant, wine, bar, pizzeria, wine cellar, and a space for sellings books and culinary objects coexist. The restaurant upstairs offers interesting ideas.
Specialities: miscellanea

Hostaria Giggetto
Via del Portico d'Ottavia 21-A
Ph: +39/06/6861105
Closed on Monday

Il Convivio Troiani
St: 28, dei Soldati
Ph: +39/06/6869432
Closed on sunday

Situated within Rome's historic centre, about 100 meters from Piazza Navona. This restaurant's class and and tradition make it a definite meeting place for connoisseurs of fine food. Serves strictly traditional dishes which are revised and enriched with new ideas.
Specialities: typical regional dishes.

La Rosetta
St: 8/9, della Rosetta
Ph: +39/06/6861002
Closed on saturday at lunchtime, on sunday and three weeks in august.

Excellent saltwater fish, fragrant and succulent. Here you will find an assorted platter of raw marinated fish, sautèed curly octopus with tomato sauce and hot peppers, linguine with lobster and shrimp, spaghetti with zucchini flowers. Tangerine sherbet is served before the grilled assortment of crunchy vegetables. For desserts, chocolate cake and cassatina.
Specialities: fresh fish

Le Sans Souci
St: 20, Sicilia
Ph: +39/06/4821814
Closed on monday

Located in the centre of Rome this sophisticated and refined restaurant offers the best in traditional French cuisine. A wide selection of wines, Italian, French and Californian.
Specialities: French traditional dishes

St: 33, S. Crisogono
Ph: +39/06/5810871
Closed on wednesday, period in august

A true institution in Trastevere, founded way back in 1848, is the historic Pastarellaro, the official table of bon - vivants of times gone by like poet D'Annunzio and Maestro Giacomo Puccini, refined gourmet who in a letter conserved on the wall of the restaurant wrote, "In Rome, one eats divinely, especially at Pastarellaro. Masterpiece".
Specialities: roman traditional dishes

Piazza Caprera
Piazza Caprera 5 - 00198
Ph/Fax: +39/06/85353807

Quinzi e Gabrieli
St: 6, delle Coppelle
Ph: +39/06/6879389
Closed on sunday, holidays and in august.

This place will be unforgettable to those of you who love fish. Come here to try the seafood, which is extrordinarily fresh and incredibly fragrant. Ask for a table on either side of the entrance in front of the display of delicacies. One of the best fish restaurant in Italy.
Specialities: fresh fish

Vicolo della Vaccarella, 11
Ph: +39/06/6865549
Closed on sunday and in august.

No fault can be found in the freshness of the fish proposed in this small restaurant. And their philosophy is smart: they use essential ingredients and olive oil is the only condiment containing fat. There are two menus, one with truffle dishes and one with meat dishes.
Specialities: fresh fish

Piazza Costaguti, 15
Ph: +39/06/68806471
Closed on sunday, the first week of the year and three weeks in august.

Armando Di Mauro is an important name in the wine producing domain of Lazio. He and his son Oscar will welcome you cordially, proposing their homemade breads, a list of great wines, warm lobster and mazzancolle salad, spaghetti with mullet roe, risotto with vegetables in season and filet of grouper with pine nnuts and zibibbo.

Sora Lella
St: 16, Ponte Quattro Capi
Ph: +39/06/6861601
Closed on sunday and in august

Aldo Trabalza, the son of Elena, who is the sister of Aldo Fabrizi and known by everyone as Sora Lella, is passing on to his children a loving devotion to the most genuine flavors of roman cuisine which elsewhere have gone by the wayside. In this small charming locale on the Isola Tiberina, between the Ghetto and Trastevere, go on an eating raid and forget calories and cholesterol.
Specialities: roman traditional dishes.


Piazza Margana 23
Ph: +39/06/69200741
Never closed