V.le Tirreno, 67/69 Tel. 06/8177020
Via Rapagnano, 68 Tel. 06/8813082

St: 66, dei Cappellari
Ph: +39/06/6873462
Closed on tuesday (never in Summer); Winter vacation closing varies.

They have good pizza, but more, in this well - kept small locale behind the commotion of Campo dè Fiori. The cafè owners are committed to proposing wine and beer that is up to standard.

Acqua, farina e.....
St. 107, Tripolitania
ph. +39/06/86324853

APPIZZATISSIMA! (!delivery address all the evenings!)
St.    Cesare Bosi, 18/20
Ph :  06/85354845
from 19.00 to  22.00

Our boys they are fortified of rest until 50 €!! It is prayed to communicate on the ring the minimal order of 8.00 €



  • 2 - Hamburger / Hot Dog                                 

  • 2 - Potatos                                                                               10 €

  • 2 - Small bottle


  • 1 - Margherita

  • 1 - Pizza to choise                                                                      13 €

  • 2 - Fritti(supp , crocc, aranc)

  • 2 - Small bottle


  • 2 - Margherita

  • 2 - Pizza to choise

  • 1 - Pizza Nutella                                                                         28 €

  • 4 - Fritti(supp , crocc, aranc)

  • 1 - Big Drink (1,5 L)

Sandwiches( Flavored with lattuga tomato and sauches): Hamburger 3,50 , Cheesburger 3,5 , Porketta 4,00.
Drinks : Small bottle 1,30 ( Coca cola, fanta, the, chinotto, light...), bottle 3,00 (Coca cola, fanta).
Fried : Supplì 0,80 , Crocchetta 0,80 , Arancino 0,80 , Fiore di zucca 1,50 , Potatos 1,50 , Olives Ascolane x6 2,00.

Pizze : Several prices da 4,00 € a 7,00 €

exorbitant price  bufala  = 1 €

Al Forno della Soffitta
St: 62/64, Piave
Ph: +39/06/42011164
Closed on saturday, sunday lunchtime and two weeks in august.

The real Neapolitan pizza from the Di Michele brothers: a thick, soft crust, with well balanced ingredients. the brothers are pizza makers from the real school: they knead the dough theatrically, like a chinese juggler, with great results on the plate. Don't miss the classic pizza, "marinara", with garlic, oil and oregano.

Al Giubileo
St. 7, Palermo
Ph. +39/06/485929
Closed on Sunday

Via Luciani 52
Ph: +39/06/3203511
Close on Monday

St: 1, del Vignola
Ph. +39/06/3227494
Closed on monday.

In the heart of the Flaminio quartier this is a safe berth, even for those who feel like having a Margherita pizza after midnight. Thirty different types of pizza, from to the taditional choices to vegetarian. If you want somethinf differnt, there is also the house specialty "Angolo", for each one of the 4 slices, a different flavor chosen by the customer.

Anni cinquanta
St. 3, Flavia
Ph: +39/06/42010460
Closed on Saturday and Sunday at lunch.

Belle Epoque
St: 11/13, Ajaccio
Ph: +39/06/855372
Closed on sunday and three weeks in august.

This seems more like an elegant restaurant than a pizzeria. High - quality furnishings, soft lighting and good service. As soon as you enter you notice the pleasant fragrance of pizza - the real Neapolitan variety, soft with high edges - as it is being baked in the oven. As appropriate in these kind of places, there are few wines, but an excellent choice of beer on tap and bottled.

Via Fraschetta 119
Tel: 06/3201707

Da Antonio Macinanti
St: 45, Elio Vittorini
Ph: +39/06/5010222
Closed on Sunday

Da Baffetto
St: 11, del Governo Vecchio,
Ph: +39/06/ 6861617

Dar Poeta
Vicolo del Bologna, 45
Ph: +39/06/5880516

Est Est Est da Ricci
St: 32, Genova
Ph: +39/06/4881107
Closed on monday and in august.

Formica tables, 1920s atmosphere, quick and efficient service, and soft thick pizza that is really good, as well as dried salted cod filet have all contributed to make this locale a sort of cult hanghout. The clientele ranges from students to the white - collar workers from the nearby Ministry of the Interior, as well as a band of well - known names and intellectuals.

Fattoria di Clotilde
St: 1844, Cassia
Ph: +39/06/30895695

Fattoria di Clotilde 2
Via Antonio De Viti De Marco 52
Ph: +39/06/36309259
Never closed

Folletto Maligno
Via Lucio Elio Seiano 18
ph: +39/06/76906363
Only the evening until 23.30. Closed on Monday.

30 kind of pizza and more.

Formula 1
St: 13, degli Equi
Ph: +39/06/4453866
Closed on sunday

St: 8/12, R. Giovannelli
Ph. +39/06/8845451
Closed on saturday and sunday at lunchtime.

A Neapolitan breeze blows through here: large pizzas, with thick crusts. This large restaurant is lined with bricks. The pizza kitchen is managed by genuine pizza makers. There is a large variety of pizzas to choose from, 30 to be prcise, ranging from Positano with tuna to Paestum with eggplant, and Battipaglia with the omonymous mozzarella.

Gran caffè il Fungo
Piazza Pakistan 1
Ph: +39/06/5921433
Closed Saturday at lunch and Sunday.

Il Buchetto
St: 119, Flaminia
Ph: 0+39/06/3201707

Il Ministero della pizza
St: 65, dei Campani
Ph: +39/06/490217
Closed on monday

La Gallina bianca
St: 9, Rosmini
Ph: +39/06/4743777
Never closed.

La gatta mangiona
St: 30, Ozanam
Ph: +39/06/5346702
Closed on monday and two weeks in august.

Divided into three parts, with some hundred seats, light colors, pizza table to the front and a blackboard on the wall with today's specials. The style is young and casual, but not excessively so.

La Maremma
St. 119/d, Alessandria
Ph: +39/06/8554002

La Mezzaluna
Piazza Ledro, 6
Ph: +39/06/8845740

L'angolo romano
Via delle Giunchiglie 55
Tel: 06/24407769
Closed on Tuesday

La Zucca gialla
Via del Governo Vecchio 86/87
Tel. 06/6892574

Closed on Monday

Locanda dei girasoli
St: 117/h, dei Sulpici
Ph: +39/06/7610194

viale Regina Margherita 72
ph. +39/06/8844684
until 1.00 a.m.

Olio, sale e pepe
St. 5, G. da Empoli
Ph. +39/06/5742418

O Masto
L.go C. Salinari, 13
Ph: +39/06/5413448

Viale Trastevere 53
Ph: +39/06/5800919
only the dinner
cloesd on wednesday

St: 2, Casale della Crescenza 25 (Due Ponti)
Ph. +39/06/3332961

Pepe verde
St. 42, Gorizia
Ph. +39/06/85301181

St: 14, di Ripetta
Ph. +39/06/3211468
St: 39, Oslavia
Ph. +39/06/3721173
Closed on sunday and holidays at lunchtime.

To find good quality and certified orthodoxy (here the owners are the same as the famous "Trianon" of Naples), you should come to this PizzaRè. Besides the pizza repertoire, you will also find interesting proposals from the kitchen, such as good mixed fry, or the classic eggplant parmesan.

St: 67/69, Tirreno
Ph. +39/06/8177020
St: 68, Oslavia
Ph. +39/06/8813082

Poldo e Margherita
St: 53, G. Sacconi
Ph: +39/06/3220218
Closed on monday evening, saturday and sunday at lunchtime, and in august.

Pizza, but not only. A cheerful place for both gourmands and the very young, with various menus, all pleasant and well - prepared. Bruschette, fried foods and salads are all excellently prepared, as are the pizzas, both the thinner Roman version and the thicker kind.

Piazza Augusto Imperatore 36
Ph: +39/06/68134730
Never Closed

Piazza S. Maria Liberatrice, 44
Ph: +39/06/5746270

Ricomincio da tre
St: 53, Amiterno,
Ph: +39/06/7081150

Risky Point
Piazza dell'Unità, 26
Ph. +39/06/3216432

St: 80, Flaminia
Ph: +39/06/36005268

Stella Gemella
Via F. Anerio 12
Tel: 06/86212410
Only dinner, closed on Sunday

Terno Secco
Via A. Doria 16
Tel: 06/39733477
Closed on Wednesday

Via di Tor S. Giovanni, 193 - Cinquina
Tel: 06/121450

Da Ciro
Via della Mercede, 43/45
Tel: 06/6786015

Voglia di pizza
Via dei Giubbonari, 33
Tel: 06/687529