Cavour 313
St: 313, Cavour
Ph: +39/06/6785496

Cul de Sac
Piazza Pasquino, 73
Ph: +39/06/68801094
Closed on monday at lunchtime and a few days in winter.

A historical wine bar with tasty tidbits, right in front of the famous statue by Pasquino in the heart of old Rome. In the 1970s it was one of the first wine and food locales to open here with "monstrous" menus having 1000 labels to combine with cold cuts and rare cheeses of quality.

Del Frate
St: 118, degli Scipioni
Ph: +39/06/3236497

Enoteca di Via della Croce
St: 76/b, della Croce
Ph: +39/06/6790896

Enoteca Ferrara
St: 1/a, del Moro
Ph: +39/06/58333920

Enoteca Ferrazza
Via dei Volsci 59 (S. Lorenzo)
Ph: +39/06/490506

Enoteca Romana
Via Cremona 55
Ph: +39/06/44244941
Closed on Sunday

Enoteca Trastevere
Via della Lungaretta 86
Ph: +39/06/5885659
Closed on Wednesday

Giulio Passami l'olio
St: 28, di Monte Giordano
Ph: +39/06/68803288

St: 205, Regina Margherita
Ph: +39/06/44250986

Il Cantiniere di S. Dorotea
St: 9, S. Dorotea
Ph: +39/06/5819025

La Bottega del vino
Via del Teatro Valle 48-49
Ph: +39/06/6865970

La Bottega del vino da Anacleto Beve
St: 9, S. Maria del Pianto
Ph: +39/06/6865970

La Cantina XXIX
Piazzale Ponte Milvio 29
Ph: +39/06/3333462
Closed on Sunday

L'Uva e Un Quarto
St: 12, Corsica
Ph: +39/06/8559642

Mario De Ventura
via Orti della Farnesina 110
Ph. +39/06/36303858
Closed on Sunday

Pepe e marmellata
via Monti di Creta 31 (Testaccio)
Ph: +39/06/6622027
closed on Sunday/chiuso domenica

Rosso di Sera
via Fabio Massimo 23
open for dinner and lunch

Tiepolo bistrot and wine shop
vgb. Tiepolo 3/5,
Telephone number 06/3227449

Tramonti e Muffati

St: 105, S. Maria Ausiliatrice
Ph: +39/06/7801342

St: 37, Cernaia
Ph: +39/06/ 4469630
Closed on sunday and two weeks in august.

This is the branch of the historical wine cellar of the capital. You will be pleasantly overwhelmed by an impressive range of wines and liquors and by the hot plates of the day, a good selection of cold cuts and cheeses, beef filet, and oysters.

Uve e Forme
Via Padova 6
Ph: +39/06/44236801