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Our visit of the city of the 16th century starts from the Tiber, big artery of the town. In the heart of Rome a little island on the river: the Isola Tiberina. It was the original landing-place for the city and its centre. Its characteristic shape (the form of a ship´s bow) and the legend of its foundation are just two of its attractions that fascinate visitors. On the little island we´ll find the Church of San Bartolomeo and we can be fascinated from the legend of the ship of Esculapius and the sanctuary dedicated to him. On the left riverside the Ghetto: established in Rome by order of Pope Paul Carafa in 1555 and dismantled in the middle of the 19 th century under Pope Pius IX. The tour is a trip through the memory of Rome, amongst historical buildings and classical monuments, ancient courtyards and shops. With a little walk we´ll reach Piazza Mattei, characterized by the Turtle Fountain, worked by Giacomo della Porta and completed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Not far from this square we´ll find Campo de´ Fiori: the oldest fruit and vegetable market in Rome. Campo de´ Fiori with its flower stalls and cries of its vendors is a Roman square par excellence. At the end of this excursion Piazza Farnese: this elegant square of immense proportions welcomes the visitor, between the stage wings of the fountains and the majestic architectonic back-drop of the Farnese Palace.