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Two centuries of the history of Rome, starting with the visit of Piazza Navona: the “living room” of Baroque Rome, court of the Pamphilj family and setting for the artistic wonders of two great protagonists of the 17 th century: Bernini and Borromini. Conserved in the church of San Luigi dei Francesi we can admire the probably most wellknown works by Caravaggio. After this church we´ll visit the Pantheon: a perfect round temple and model for generations of architects from ancient times until modern. The Pantheon amazes visitors due to the perfection of its forms and the dimensions of its vast internal spaces. Going on with our tour we´ll reach the Church of Sant´Ignazio di Loyola: the second Jesuit church in Rome conserves a frescoed vault of a rare and perfect plan of perspective which gives the visitor the impression of an optical illusion. Not far from Sant´Ignazio, Piazza Colonna: in this square we find the column (colonna) of Marcus Aurelius which some Romans call Antonine and the Chigi Palace, headquarters of the President´s Council of Ministers located next to the Italian Parliament. Now, the Trevi Fountain: the most famous Roman fountain still astonishes the visitor with the scenographic impact it has on those who arrive in the square from the many streets which converge there. At the end of the tour the Quirinal Hill: on this hill and square there was the summer residence for the popes, which is today the residence of the President of the Republic. In the centre of the square the imposing obelisk that stands between the two statues of the Dioscuri.