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Piazza del Campidoglio, 00186 - Roma
  The trapezoidal Piazza del Campidoglio on the homonymous hill, bounded on the bottom by the Senatorial Palace official seat of the municipality, and sides from the Palace of the Conservatives and ...continue
Campo di fiori
Piazza Campo de - Roma

Largo Argentina
Largo Di Torre Argentina - Roma
Largo Argentina is one of the most important archaeological sites of the city: a paved square where were included four temples, commonly referred to as the first four letters of the alphabet. It is id ...continue
Piazza Barberini
Piazza Barberini - Roma
   Barberini Square is a square in Rome situated in between the Quirinal Hill, and the Gardens of Sallust, takes its name from the Palazzo Barberini overlooking it. Its construction finished ...continue

Piazza Barberini
Piazza Barberini, 00187 Roma - Roma
Piazza Cavour
Piazza Cavour - Roma
  The square is a perfect rectangle with sides of about 200x100. On one long side stands the majestic Palace of Justice; in front, in the center, Via Cicerone, which enters in the neighborhood of Pr ...continue

Piazza Colonna
Piazza Colonna - Roma
  The Square, commissioned by Pope Sixtus V at the end of the sixteenth century, is a perfect square made with four buildings and in the center the Column of Marcus Aurelius.

  The column ...continue
Piazza del Popolo
Piazza del Popolo - Roma
  Who decided constructing a square is Pope Sixtus V, at the end of the 1500. Since then it is a clearing, surrounded by haylofts and barns, a dusty periphery.

  The Pope, besides the pass ...continue

Piazza del Quirinale
Piazza del Quirinale - Roma
  The Square of the Quirinale is one of the most attractive of Rome, enclosure on three wide from buildings and open from a side with a balcony (in the wall of support, hesitates with ancient statue ...continue
Piazza della Repubblica
Piazza della Repubblica, Roma, It√°lia - Roma

Piazza di Montecitorio
Piazza di Montecitorio - Roma
  The name of Montecitorio could result from accettorio mountain, the mountain where since ancient ages people gathered for the vote. At the center of the square the obelisk "Psamme ...continue
Piazza di Pietra
Piazza di Pietra - Roma
  It's a classic Roman square, that with its name " Stone" says a lot about its feature popular origin. It refers the dark aspect, or stony, that the environment seems in the Middle Ages with ...continue

Piazza di Spagna
Piazza di Spagna - Roma
  It is one of the most spectacular urban spaces of the Baroque Rome and one of the essential goals of world tourism, which converged here as early as the sixteenth century.

  About 270 me ...continue
Piazza esquilino
Roma (RM) Quartiere Esquilino - Roma

Piazza Farnese
Roma (RM) Piazza Farnese, 104 - Roma
Piazza San Pietro
Piazza San Pietro - Città del Vaticano
St. Peter's Square , an architectural masterpiece of Bernini ( 1656-67 ) , is an immense ellipse of 240 meters wide. In the background, beyond a great rectangular churchyard , raises the ...continue

Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia - Roma
Situated almost at the geometric center of Rome, has the form of a rectangle of 130x75 meters, and is the confluence of major urban highways. Born in the XV century in relation to the Palazzo Venez ...continue