Nero's cultural training
When Agrippina decided that her son would becom emperor, she turned to Seneca as the most suitable person to provide the future ruler of Rome with an well-rounded education. Seneca, a nobleman of Spanish origin, was one of the most well-versed orators of the time.
Neron and Agrippina by Antonio Rizzi (Museo Civico A.Ponzone - Cremona, Italy )

Letter His cultural background ranged from the arts through politics, from philosophy to rhetoric. He was ideal, a complete personality and as such thought capable of single-handedly meeting all the cultural needs a future emperor.Seneca and Nero lived together for many years; Seneca imparted lessons all day, daily.When Nero became emperor, Seneca's role changed from mentor to irreplaceable councilor even as regarded political decisions. With time , however, the emperor's personality became more despotic and absolutist. His trust in his perceptor dwindled until becoming suspicion when in the year 65 AD Nero became aware of the first plot against him. Seneca's name was on the list of suspected conspirators.

The philosopher , deluded by such ingratitude and afraid of the punishment the emperor had in store for him , made the stoic decision to take his own life. Nero was informed that his schoolmaster of old had been found dead in a pool of blood after having cut his wrists.

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