moving without obstacles in Rome Commune

The invalid transportation service by Trambus in behalf of Rome Commune - V Department is addressed to people with motorial difficulties who can't catch normal vehicles and need to move within Rome Commune because of Work, Study or Rehabilitation Therapies.
This service is organized through vehicles which are supplied with lifting-platforms and security devices for wheel-chairs (they are M1 category coaches which can carry up to 5 people + 1 wheel-chair). Each coach has a side-entrance and not a back-one, windows are wide and there's a good visibility of the inside. All the coaches are supplied with a telephone on board and lifting-platforms, they guarantee a perfect ergonomics of the inside and assure high performances.
Some of the new coaches are electrical and they'll be employed mostly in the historical centre, to prove the city efforts in the ecological transportation; others need GPL and they'll have part in the atmospherical pollution reduction.

Recently a new pullman has been shown in Campidoglio, it's 12 mt [40 feet] long and it carries up to 26 people: 20 seats are ergonomics arm-chairs (six of them are supplied with a movable retractor to stop the seat sliding) and 6 places for wheel-chairs, with call-buttons and wheel-stopping hooks. Along the corridor a tactile path helps the blind. There are sliding tables with individual light, electrical terminals for computers and mobile telephones; the bathroom, available for wheel-chair, is supplied with internal telephone and alarm signal. Moreover there are 3 flat video-screens which can be watched from every seat to watch film on dvd or the route filmed by a camera, and a kitchen with a fridge, microwave hoven and coffee machine.

The invalid people transportation service is free to those who own an authorization issued by the V Department. Those who don't have any authorization and those who live outside Rome Commone can ask for a paying service, by previous reservation: its price is definetely lowered if reservations are more than 5 per month.