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Cardinale_Scipione_Borghese1.gif (7492 byte)The Borghese Mansion was commissioned by Cardinal Scipione Borghese to Flaminio Ponzio and Vasanzio and built between 1613 and 1614. Site of Cardinal Borghese's art collection, its extraordinary masterpieces contributed to make it renowned all over Europe. This was the reason why Napoleon, in 1807, bought a consistent part of the collection and transferred it to the Louvre were is still on exhibition. New material was added during the whole of the19th century; in 1902, the collection was acquired by the Italian State along with the Mansion and the entire Borghese property. Veduta realizzata nel 1936 da Johann Wilbelm Baur. La tempera  esposta nella Pinacoteca del Museo