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Vastours - Ancient Ostia

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Ostia Antica....Pages of History to discover!!!

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Every day except Monday. Departure from Vastours terminal at about 9.00 am or free pick-up service at hotels from 8.15 to 8.45 am approx. After only 30 mins trip following Via del Fori Imperiali with view of the Colosseum Tiberine Island and the Synagogue, crossing the Tiber and going along the Via del Mare, we reach ancent Ostia: was the ancient port of Rome founded in IV Century b.C..As the power of Rome became greater, Ostia became more and more important mainly as a Navy base, but also as the "Emporium of Rome" and as a passage-way of important representatives of the cultural and politacal life of that period. The decline of Ostia came together with the financial and political crysis of the Roman Empire. The sacks during  the centuries to the city which was by then virtually without defence, but still rich of precious mateduring the centuries to the city which was by then virtually without defence, but still rich of precious materials, convinced the few people who were still living  there, to finally evacuate the city, and Ostia nowadays is like it was : an entire city, in its shape and outlines in wich one can perfectly read which was the life in The Roman age.
Ostia excavations, started at the beginning of last century, make it inevitale a comparison with Rome, not as far as the architectonic value is concerned but as an overall vision of how life and structure of the cities were organized in the Roman world.
This suggestive visit magically leads us into this anciend world, admiring the two main streets: soon after the entrance the ancient Necropolis, Piazzale della Vittoria, Neptune thermae with wonderful mosaics, the firemen head-quarters, the Theatre built by Agrippa, Via dei Mulini and Diana's house. We reach the Forum, which was the city center, with the Capitolium, the Tempio di Roma and Augusto, the Forum Thermae, the Basilica and the Round Temple.
Outside the city the Synagogue wich was the most ancient seat of Hebraism in Western world. Return to Rome and the hotels along the Cristoforo Colombo boulevard.

Price  per person
Entrance fees and misc.

lit. 50.000
lit. 15.000
lit. 65.000

Supplement for fish menu lunch at a restaurant 
in Fiumicino (per person) lire 35.000

click here to learn more about Ostia Antica

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