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Principais monumentos em Roma
Colosseo senza fila
Sotterranei, Terzo Ordine e Belvedere: visite, tour e percorsi

Per prenotazioni :

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Colosseum no queue: visit the Colosseum no waiting in line.

Colosseum entrance ticket :
Full € 16.00 agency fees included
Reduced € 11.50 agency fees included

Guided tour of the Colosseo Sotterranei (in addition to the entrance ticket)
Full € 12.50 agency fees included
Reduced € 10.50 agency fees included
Accompanied entrance (without guided tour) 5.50 euros agency fees included
Guided tour Colosseum Belvedere (in addition to the entrance ticket)
Full € 12.50 agency fees included
Reduced € 10.50 agency fees included
Accompanied entrance (without guided tour) 5.50 euros agency fees included
Visit the Underground Colosseum + visit the Coliseum Belvedere (in addition to the entrance ticket)
€ 19.00 agency fees included

To make the visit it is compulsory to also buy the entrance ticket of the Colosseum.
Every first Sunday of the month admission is free for all visitors, but it is not possible to make a reservation for the visit.

For reservations:

Viale Regina Margherita, 192 - 00198 ROME Tel. 06 / Fax 06 /

Opening hours
08.30 - 16.30 from 2 January to 15 February 08.30 - 17.00 from February 16th to March 15th 08.30 - 17.30 from the 16th to the last Saturday of March
08.30 - 19.15 from the last Sunday of March to 31 August 08.30 - 19.00 from September 1st to September 30th 08.30 - 18.30 from 1 October to the last Saturday of October
08.30 - 16.30 from the last Sunday of October to December 31st
Last admission one hour before
Closed January 1 and December 25

A suggestive tour of the Sotterranei and the Belvedere of the Colosseum.
Two fruition proposals to visit the hypogea of ​​the Colosseum that allow you to descend into the belly of the most famous and most visited ancient monument in the world, or to climb to the third, fourth and fifth ring to enjoy the extraordinary vantage point of the entire cavea and on the Colosseum valley.
The visit to the Colosseum's Underground includes :
access to the Arena floor
i Sotterranei
first floor, permanent exhibition (if any)
Terrazza Valadier - Facing the square of the Colosseum
Duration of the visit: 75 minutes
The tour of the Colosseum Belvedere includes:
Third-order terrace (uncovered part) - Facing the arena and Via dei Fori Imperiali from the arch with the balustrade
Terrace of the "superattico" (uncovered part) - view of the 360 ​​degree Colosseum
Ambulacro covered
close-up, permanent exhibition (if any)
Duration: 75 minutes

The Flavian Amphitheater was built by Emperor Vespasian and completed by his son Titus in 80 AD. It is known by the name of Colosseum because of the colossal bronze statue of Nero which in the second century AD. it was placed near the monument.
The building was intended for fights and games between gladiators (munera) and for hunting simulations of wild and exotic animals (venationes). The construction is made of blocks of tuff and bricks.
The exterior consists of four overlapping architectural orders: the first three are formed by eighty arches framed by semi-columns, while the fourth order is divided into squares interspersed with windows.
In the last order were inserted masonry and wooden supports to support an immense tarpaulin (velarium) that was used to repair the spectators from the sun and rain. Inside (cavea) there were brick steps covered in marble. The arena was built with a large wooden board covered with sand.
In the basement there was a dense series of galleries in which the beasts were kept and where the scenic equipment and the hoists were kept.
The entrance and exit of about 73,000 spectators and the turnout inside the cavea were regulated by a complex system of access to the ground floor and internal passages. Each spectator received a ticket where the path to follow was indicated.

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