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Chocolate Museum Factory
Nuova Fiera di Roma
dal 18-11-2017 al 18-02-2018



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Chocolate Museum Factory in Rome from November 18, 2017 to February 18, 2018 at the New Fiera of Rome: a thematic village with exhibitions, events, festivals, educational courses and courses.
The entertainment theme village of freely inspired chocolate world, arrives in Italy and has chosen Rome as the first stage.

The "Chocolate Factory-Museum" hosts interactive workshops, chocolate preparation courses, educational courses for schools, exhibitions, festivals, events.

The educational theme of educational entertainment freely inspired by the world of chocolate, finally arrives in Italy, with different appointments in the main Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Naples and Palermo.
Launched for the first time in 2014 in Thessaloniki (Greece) and later, in 2015, in Athens, the "Chocolate Factory-Museum" begins its journey around the world starting from the Italian cities.
The "Chocolate Factory-Museum" is a model example of a theme park, unique in its kind at international level. It is an overview of all the topics related to chocolate. Ideas designed primarily to meet the needs of family fun, but at the same time satisfy the interests of the single adult visitor.

During the same period of operation as the "Chocolate Factory-Museum", seasonal or permanent exhibitions on educational and chocolate topics are also organized. The complex of activities is complemented by a large number of festivals and events...

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From 18 November 2017 to 18 February 2018
Monday to Friday 9.00 - 19.00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10.00 - 20.00

From GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) exit 30 towards Fiumicino and then follow signs for Fiera Roma.
5000 parking places.

From Rome Fiumicino airport, connections are guaranteed with Fiera Roma from FL 1 train stop Fiera di Roma (8 Euros fare), by taxi and by bus Cotral.

From the Tuscolana, Tiburtina and Ostiense Stations, linking to Iine A and Metro 8, take the FL 1 to Fiumicino and get off at Fiera Roma Fiera. Fee 1.50 euro.

The address for the EST INGRESS is Via A.G. Eiffel (cross street Via Portuense), for the INNESS NORTH is Via Portuense 1645-1647.
Estimated time from the city center (Piazza Venezia): 40 minutes.
Estimated time from Fiumicino Airport: 10 minutes

LineaAtac - lines 808 and 089 for Fiera Roma Linea Cotra l - Fermate F11043, f 1 1044, 4596

The large outside area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe fair features a large car park that can accommodate over 5,000 cars, plus the 1100 interior spaces in the neighborhood that can be made available to the organizers.

Where is it:


INDIVIDUAL (OPEN date ticket and free time): ‚ā¨ 16.50
Children under 90 cm high: free

SCHOOL RATE (minimum 15 students) OPEN ticket date and free time
Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00
date and time zone to be defined when booking
‚ā¨ 9.50 cad. agency fees included
1 gratuity every 10 payers

GROUP RATE (min 20 persons) OPEN ticket and free time schedules
‚ā¨ 12.00 cad. agency fees included
1 gratuity every 20 payers

Please note: entries at exhibitions-for not standing in line-to be paid in advance. After payment, you will receive an electronic ticket or voucher.

   Event Info:

Concert, music bands, theater performances, dance nights, jugglers, clowns, puppet theater etc. are included in the calendar of events organized simultaneously.

The different sections of the village are:

The Chocolate Library
For a moment of rest or waiting, there is a special library, a helpful and functional room. The printed material of the library (books, fables, recipes, magazines, newspapers etc.) deals with topics related to chocolate, sweets, nutrition and pastry.

Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa
Through a short walk, visitors have the opportunity to gather information about the great but usually unknown chocolate story. In the Museum all touch real and fresh cocoa fruits and are guided on a path that crosses different cultures, legends and impressive stories. First stop: in front of a cocoa tree and in front of the first museum depiction of the universal history of chocolate and its development in Italy.

The spectacular visit proceeds with the entrance into a special reconstruction of the jungle environment and the ruins of the Incas temples. Visitors will actually be able to perceive the conditions of the place, the warmth and the suffocating moisture of the true Amazon jungle; they receive as souvenirs of real cocoa beans.

The Amazon Hut
The Projection Room
Entering the Amazonian hut, built with wooden poles, visitors travel back in time, at the time of traditional cocoa processing. In the Projection Room, a unique atmosphere is created thanks to the presentation of the chocolate story by a chocolate explorer (a famous and beloved actor)

Production phases
Parallel to the various display objects and display cases, the main stages of processing and production of chocolate are presented: starting from the tree and its fruit, cauldrons and molds, processing, black and white chocolate leaves, to the definitive form that comes to the consumer.

Quality Control and Chocolate
The spectacular visit proceeds with the entry into a special reconstruction of the jungle environment and the ruins of the Incas temples. Visitors will actually be able to perceive the conditions of the place, the warmth and the suffocating moisture of the true Amazon jungle; they receive as souvenirs of real cocoa beans.

The time Machine.
The labyrinth.
The moment of adventure and experience is represented by a real labyrinth that refers to the "Chocolate Journey". Small and big enter the car of time and travel in the past and in the future .... with a bit of luck the exit to the big surprise is near!

Chocolate Cascade
The melted chocolate running without end is a vision that always provokes enthusiasm. The "Chocolate Factory-Museum" created for the first time in Italy a real chocolate cascade. With its 1200 liters of liquid chocolate, it is rightly described as the largest waterfall in Europe.

Face painting with chocolate

Periodically, during the operation of the "Chocolate Factory-Museum", small and large visitors are "transformed" with the most exquisite colors. Specialty artists make their faces look smiling using true brushes, colors and chocolate. It's a delightful, original and spectacular art

Dipping in Chocolate
Group or individual photos in a greedy scenario for all visitors. A "full" chocolate tub awaits you ... .the journey into chocolate becomes even more fun with this photo that represents the best memory of the visit.

Educational Space
Visitors enter a room decorated with elements drawn from color cartoons. It is a hall where educational activities are carried out. Children, through experiential and theatrical games, receive in a fun and enjoyable way all the information about taste areas, taste buds, mouth and teeth health, healthy nutrition, childhood obesity, therapeutic properties and about the benefits of chocolate.

Tasting Course and Preparation of Chocolate in Various Forms
One of the most popular spots in the park is the tasting workshop.
It is where visitors meet the tastings and a great variety of chocolates made with the most special ingredients. After learning the proper tasting procedure, through a fun game, adults will try to find the secret ingredients hidden in the tasty chocolates. The winners and the participants have the opportunity to taste the chocolate delicacies, made with special ingredients, accompanied by the right variety of Italian wine.


Chocolate Lab
In this space visitors can touch their dream with their hands! Participation in the workshops starts with a sensational show in which children come into contact with the sweet temptation. They observe the process of producing and packing chocolate. Then, on large counters, they play with chocolate sugar paste and give birth to their creations.
Biscuit Laboratory
One of the most "exquisite" of the park, pervaded by the smell of biscuit, takes on a daily basis through the spontaneous smiles of visitors and the vocals of overflowing children of enthusiasm. Big and small children have the opportunity to participate in biscuit and magic-related activities, observe the production of their favorite cookies and create their memories on their own.
Gelato Laboratory
A special combination, which certainly loves everyone, is that of chocolate and Italian ice cream, famous all over the world. In a fairytale scenario, the small cow of the factory welcomes visitors to its small farm and through various activities and games it helps them discover a "secret recipe".
Chocolate Milk Laboratory
This is where visitors discover the secrets of this healthy and wonderful flavor ... it's not by chance that we all love chocolate milk. Gourmet chocolate in the waterfall is mixed with milk in a magic car, in front of the visitor's eyes!
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