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Turner. Opere dalla Tatemaggiore
Chiostro del Bramante
dal 22-03-2018 al 26-08-2018
  • Turner. Opere dalla Tate - Chiostro del Bramante
  • Turner. Opere dalla Tate - Chiostro del Bramante
  • Turner. Opere dalla Tate - Chiostro del Bramante
  • Turner. Opere dalla Tate - Chiostro del Bramante
  • Turner. Opere dalla Tate - Chiostro del Bramante


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For the first time on show in Rome a collection of exclusive works by the English artist Joseph Mallord William Turner due to open at the Chiostro del Bramante on March 22nd until August 26th 2018.
The exhibition features a unique and remarkable collection, expression of the intimate and personal side of JMW Turner (23 April 1775 ‚Äď 19 December 1851), today housed at Tate Britain, London, and know ad Turner Bequest. The show marks the beginning of an important collaboration between the Cloister of Bramante and Tate as well.

Many of the works come from the artist‚Äôs personal studio and have been realized over the years for his ‚Äėown pleasure‚Äô according to the lovely expression of the critic John Ruskin. An aesthetic and visual pleasure that preserves memories of travel, emotions and fragments of landscapes seen during his stays abroad. It was, in fact, the artist‚Äôs habit to work for six months in the open air during the summer and only in winter to close in his studio to bring back memories of what he had seen live.

Comprising more than 90 artworks, the exhibition will include sketches, studies, watercolours, drawings, and a selection of oils never before brought together in Italy, characterize the exhibition itinerary of the great “TURNER...

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   Information sur l'ťvťnement:

Works from Tate‚ÄĚ exhibition dedicated to the famous and renowned watercolour master who with his paintings influenced more than one generation of artists, such as Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt.

Nature and romance blend in the perfect representation of the sublime and in the contemplation of an unstoppable, almost mysterious force, which was recalled to respond to the artist’s need to search for a language in constant evolution that anticipated the times and artistic research. And it was in London, the city with great expectations, due to the art exhibitions, theatrical performances and any research in the field of science and literature, that TURNER produces emotionally intense images that become the means through which the modern man finally feels free to dream.

Divided into six sections, the exhibition invites visitors to discover chronologically the evolution of the artistic language of the greatest romantic painter.
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