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Dream. Art meets dreams - NO QUEUE
Chiostro del Bramante
dal 2018-09-29 al 2019-08-25
Dream. Art meets dreams: at the Chiostro del Bramante the new collective exhibition organized by Danilo Eccher until August 5th 2019, which will complete the trilogy after the Love and Enjoy exhibitions, dedicated to love and fun in art.

Starring: Anselm Kiefer, Mario Merz, Giovanni Anselmo, Christian Boltanski, Doris Salcedo, Henrik Håkansson, Wolfgang Laib, Claudio Costa, Kate MccGwire, Anish Kapoor, Tsuyoshi Tane, Ryoji Ikeda, Bill Viola, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Peter Kogler, Luigi Ontani, Ettore Spalletti, Tatsuo Miyajima, James Turrell.

A theme that becomes travel, discovery, knowledge, emotion: the dream.
The great protagonists of contemporary art are revealed through intimate and visionary works. An extraordinary place: Cloister of Bramante in Rome.

With open eyes or closed eyes, at night or in the day, in the drawer or made: an exhibition that speaks of desires, expectations, fantasies, exorcised fears. An exhibition that allows the viewer to give shape to their dreams.
Dream is an allegorical path towards the most secret part of the human soul; through the idea of ??travel the theme of the dream that constitutes the channel or "the real road" is developed, according to the thought of Sigmund Freud, to get in touch with the unconscious and the spiritual dimension.

The exhibition, curated by Danilo Eccher, addresses the dream as an element of reflection, of discovery, as a private expression, as a gateway to the deepest space of the soul.
A site-specific works alternate works redesigned for the spaces of the Chiostro del Bramante, in a succession that becomes a single great story, thanks to the direct involvement of the artists. An exhibition path imagined as an experience that leads the public from the most shaded areas to the meditative dimension, to the heavenly spaces of the soul.

"Dream is the representation of the idea of ??dreams, another dimension that transcends the physicality of perception to access the territories of emotion, enchantment and poetry" Danilo Eccher

A physical, surreal, mental and dreamlike journey that guides viewers through a series of stages and steps, stops and re-starts: from immersion in nature to a confrontation with forms, from the evocation of personal and collective memories to the contact with the material , from the shadows, the sounds, the darkness towards total immersion in light.
Dream completes the trilogy, conceived and curated by Danilo Eccher for Chiostro del Bramante, started with Love (2016), continued with Enjoy (2017). Three large exhibitions dedicated to the most intimate emotions of man, represented thanks to the many poetics of art contemporary, three panoramas able to explore the soul's feelings: from the ambiguity of desires to the most exhilarating joys to the unconscious.

Protagonists: Anselm Kiefer, Mario Merz, Giovanni Anselmo, Christian Boltanski, Doris Salcedo, Henrik Håkansson, Wolfgang Laib, Claudio Costa, Kate MccGwire, Anish Kapoor, Tsuyoshi Tane, Ryoji Ikeda, Bill Viola, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Peter Kogler, Luigi Ontani, Ettore Spalletti , Tatsuo Miyajima, James Turrell.

A man lying on the ground under a boundless starry sky (A. Kiefer), a room invaded by bundles of tufts (M. Merz); in the confusion the points of reference are lost but on a small sand dune a small compass is set (G. Anselmo); from the immersion of nature one can see lights and shadows of dancing figures (C. Boltanski); a mysterious creature made of feathers meanders like a formidable Demogorgone (K. Mcc Gwire); a walkway leads in a row over an uprooted and suspended tree (H. Håkansson) to light silk garments pierced by innumerable pins and memories (D. Salcedo); nature frightens but sometimes it succor with the calmness of its elements, between ash and rice (W. Laib), at other times it shows itself in its grandeur with majestic and noble alabasters (A. Kapoor).
You come out of the darkness to aspire to a new dimension, a rain of serene gold (T. Tane), while sounds and images give back the dimension of the cosmos (R. Ikeda); purification occurs through water (B. Viola); the journey continues through a soft cavern made dilanas and cave paintings (A. Kehayoglou) and from the luxuriant nature of Patagonia we suddenly find ourselves in a labyrinthine, abstract and geometric dimension (P.Kogler).
The bed is one of the places of dreams, sleeping as access to other dimensions (L. Ontani); in the dream live space-time openings capable of estranging (T. Miyajima); the dream is colors between sweetness and harmony (E. Spalletti); the dream is light and depth that enchants and leaves glimpse the infinite (J. Turrell).

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